Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Welcome, and thank you for shopping at Bsta

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain what information we collect about you, how we collect it, how we use it, how we keep it, and how and when we delete it. This policy is subject to update according to the technologies used and the regulations and laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This privacy policy is available in both Arabic and English, and in the event of any conflict between them, the Arabic version is the approved one.

We follow industry standards in information security management to protect information. However, there is no 100% secure electronic method of storing information, so we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your personal information.

You agree that all material and data that you share with us, whether by sending it to us or by giving us access to it on your devices, whether it is images, geographic location, files, or others, is owned by you, or authorized to publish it. And you have the right to grant us the authority and the right to use, publish and dispose of it without any restrictions.

Your use of bsta platform and any of its services directly or indirectly constitutes acceptance of these policies.

General information collected from all users, visitors, customers:
• The type of device, browser used by the user, network connection, Internet (IP) address, time and platform usage tracking.
• We use cookies to identify your device to provide you with a personalized experience and to show you personalized ads.
• We use this information to facilitate your use of the Platform, to better serve and support you, and to measure and improve our Services.

General information collected from Customers:
In addition to the general information mentioned above, we collect:
• Customer name, email, shipping addresses, billing, phone number, and any other information provided during registration and purchase.
• We need this information to provide you with our services, such as buying, order fulfillment, payments, shipping, support, and more.
• This information is shared with merchants, payment gateways, banking services and shipping partners to complete the provision of services to you.
• We use this information to measure and develop the services provided.
• We do not keep your credit or bank card data, as payments are made through the payment gateway.

What do we do with the information after the relationship ends:
• The information is destroyed and deleted after the periods required to preserve it according to the commercial and financial regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Last update: May 05, 2023